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Very popular, photo terminals are becoming more and more common. Ours are among the best on the market in terms of technology with excellent picture quality.

Fully customisable by us to match your graphic charter or the theme of your event, these terminals allow you to provide modern entertainment and on location fun at your client evening, convention, seminar or trade show.
At a stand, the photo terminal will allow you to attract a host of people, make new contacts and to use it to distribute a load of information about your company. And all they have to do is smile.

Quality, optimal speed, ease of use, user-friendliness and originality, our range of photo terminals will delight your customers. Photo stands, photo booths©, photo mirrors, etc.
All our terminals are delivered, installed and run by us. Our entertainment professionals are also photographers: they can guide you, attract visitors, help them to use the terminal, manage the terminal and give them one or more photos as a souvenir. Could it be any easier for you?

So why choose our photo terminal for your event?

A photo terminal is an original and unique way of entertaining your guests during your corporate evenings, seminars or at your stand at a trade show. It creates a friendly atmosphere and a feeling of solidarity among your guests. It is also an opportunity to give them a souvenir with an image of your company or your event!

Your guests will leave with a smile on their face. t can be viewed as an unusual way of creating a guest book for the evening!

This terminal will allow you to take any number of photos, with its design being fully customisable, it comes with fast photo printing or the option to get a digital version and also the option of projecting the photos live on a screen or sharing them instantly on the social networks of your company: so many options to create a buzz.

Our terminals are designed and manufactured in France and are considered to be the best on the market. Technically advanced, these terminals not only allow users to be photographed, but also encourage them participate in interactive games, ideal for optimising your marketing approach (raffles whose winnings are goodies or services associated with the stores of a shopping centre, for example). A photo terminal makes it possible to create visitor flow in stores participating in a commercial event. Gifts are created based on criteria defined jointly. Photo terminals basically become effective marketing tools.

With our turnkey solutions, there is nothing for you to worry about, we will take care of everything. Our teams will install the terminals and run them at your event: a click, a smile and in a few seconds, your customers or participants will leave with a professional quality photo print.

Ask us for a quote: we will give you the info with a big smile!
Cross our hearts!

A photo terminal is ideal for your corporate event,
so book one today before it’s too late!

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