Turnkey animation of your events with Puremotion

Puremotion: turnkey animation in brief

Whether you are a professional, an association or an individual, Puremotion is at your disposal for the turnkey animation of your corporate event, your associative event or for your private parties.

Concretely, we offer the rental / sale of event equipment in Paris, and throughout France. Our most requested services include the rental and configuration of interactive humanoid robots, or the rental of arcade game machines or electronic pinball machines.

We also provide festive entertainment services, led by our own performers. This includes digital magic sessions, on stage or close-up, or bright and magical bola performances.

You will have understood: technological advances and the latest digital innovations are at the very heart of our strategy. They thus participate in the success of each of your professional events or your entertaining evenings, by betting on the wow effect.

For example, our robot Nao © can serve as a brand ambassador at a trade show and interact with the various visitors; just as he can serve as a companion robot at a private party and amuse the gallery with his playfulness. In either case, you will be sure to make a lasting impression on the minds of your hosts, your guests… or your potential customers!

But above all, our main asset, which also becomes yours, is to provide you with turnkey animations and tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs. This, for any type of festive event, and throughout France from Paris.

Puremotion: turnkey animation, tailor-made solutions

Turnkey animations and tailor-made solutions... concretely, what does this mean?

Whatever the event you want to organize, corporate event, associative event or private parties, nothing is done by chance… which is all the more true in the context of a corporate event.!

Indeed, the organization of any event requires the deployment of a certain number of financial, material, logistical and human resources. And this is where the experience and expertise of Puremotion makes the difference.

Here is, in summary, the frame of the process that we put in place, with you, whatever the nature of the event animation that you wish to increment:

Study of your goals

You probably already know this, but the objective of an event is not just to have a good time together, even if it is an essential parameter. It is to take into account everything that comes next.

Different categories of objectives are possible. They can even intersect depending on the type of event you want to organize. But in any case, these objectives depend primarily on the people you want to target and the follow-up that your targets give to the event.

Here are some simple examples to understand:

Do you want to consolidate your customer network?

Nothing like memorable entertainment in a relaxed dining atmosphere.
A performance on stage of digital magic, a session of magic light bolas… are quite appropriate.

Vous voulez vous faire connaître en tant qu’association ?

But you exhibit in a show that brings together a hundred different ones? Stand out by relying on the innovation and ingenuity of a server robot, like our Robot Tik!
It can move around the entire area of the trade show and distribute your flyers, increasing the likelihood that more people will be interested in you.

Do you want to spend a memorable and fun evening with friends?

Our customizable game terminals, with pinball machines, darts and table football included, are the solution you need!

Thus, to an objective category corresponds one or more possible event animations. But it is necessary to go a little further to organize an event well.

Indeed, it is necessary to clearly define or anticipate the number of people who will participate in the event. But also where it takes place, and for how long. So many essential parameters to move on to the next step: calculating an overall budget.

Budget calculation

Organizing an event has a cost. But the calculation of the budget of an event is deduced quite easily once the objectives, the ins and outs have been correctly decided.

We will use the CQQCOQP method to give you a quick first approach to how the budget for a business event or a private party is calculated.

Who ?

Profile of the guests, their number and the definition of the level of general standing. Profile of the organizer and compliance with its brand image and strategy

What ?

What animation idea(s) to put in place

Or ?

Location and occupation of space; room rental or not; accessibility…

When ?

Availability and general organization

How ?

Logistic, material and human resources; insurance and protection; copyrights or not (musical atmosphere: SACEM rights)...

For what ?

What you expect from the fallout from the event

How much ?

What you are willing to invest for it and what the Puremotion expertise will cost you. And the return on investment you expect













Puremotion: tailor-made and turnkey solutions for your event animations

As you can see, organizing a successful and pleasing event… is far from simple!

This is why, at Puremotion, we are at your disposal to provide you with tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to your needs and objectives.

Our solutions are also turnkey. That is to say that once you have called on us, you do not have to worry about anything! We are here to intervene and support you in the smooth running of your event.

So don’t wait any longer, contact the Puremotion teams if you want to organize a corporate event, an associative event or private parties that will leave a lasting mark on your guests!