Cloud Logo: the sky as a means of communication

Whether you want to communicate with your customers in an innovative way or you want to stand out from your competitors, the concept of this type of entertainment is original and impressive!

We are suggesting using the sky as your communication space!

Your logo floating in the air, pushed by the wind, provides a very spectacular effect.

Your dynamic logo in the sky?
Easily done with Puremotion!

Cloud Logo, a logo floating in the sky: how is it done?

The Cloud Logo is an innovative technical process that allows us to create an advertising message or logo with a mixture of “foam”, compressed air and helium! Your logo flies in the sky, as if by magic.

To achieve this miracle of technology, our team of specialists creates a model that serves as a “mould”. We then use a mixture of “soap”, water, air and helium that then comes out of our Logo Cloud machine and takes the shape of your message or logo. This logo can then fly into the sky and captivate a very large number of passers-by!

Technically, we can produce logos up to a metre wide and, by judiciously dosing the various technological parameters, we can control the speed at which your logos fly in the sky, in order to be visible for the longest possible time.

And for those concerned about the environment, rest assured that the mousse we use is an environmentally neutral substance. While it degrades, it has no effect on the environment, animals or people. A process guaranteed to be without environmental footprint.

This animation guarantees you a very wide distribution of your logo and creates a buzz for a very viral communication.

Cloud Logo: big buzz around this very viral communication

This unique and original communication method really allows you to stand out from your competitors and more traditional communication methods. How can you resist a logo that floats in the air?

Are you planning to host an event, a festival or a concert outdoors? Then the Cloud Logo is perfect for you! Liven up your event with our innovation which will amaze your guests and create a surprise effect, a guaranteed success!

The surprise effect on people who see your logo or your advertising message will be very strong: they will remember it much more easily. In addition, the widespread use of smartphones by many people means that they won’t hesitate to take a picture and share it on social networks.

This guarantees a very wide distribution of your logo and creates a buzz for a very viral communication.