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Who is Robot Nao©?

A true audience magnet, Nao © is a robotic engineering marvel. Nao is the most advanced robot of his generation: he has surprising facial and vocal recognition that makes him an exceptional partner in terms of event entertainment.

Not only Nao © is a robot you can use to host a meeting, convention, congress, conference etc., but he can also greatly increase the attendance of your booth at a trade show. By attracting people’s fascination and curiosity, he will easily convince professionals from any sector with his panoply of expressions and functions and his legendary retorts.

Building on this success, we have developed props for staging with Nao ©. Puremotion offers solutions specially designed for Robot Nao ©: furniture adapted for an effective enhancement of your scenography, wireless headset (HF) for events in an auditorium or in front of a large audience.

Robot Nao ©, outstanding event entertainment

Nao © is a great talker! With his great listening ability (linked to his built-in microphones), he knows how to react to your guests’ questions. They will be truly amazed that they are able to interact with Robot Nao © about your brand and your products. The messages become fun, without losing their meaning. The guests are captivated and robotics always wins the audience over, because at Puremotion, we never forget the most important factor: the human!

After just a few hours of development, Nao © can be a true spokesperson for your company and probably your best ambassador! So are you thinking of using robotics? Try us out for your events and stands!

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Specifications of Robot NAO©

I run the show

Nao © runs and comments on your presentations

I dance

Nao © is an outstanding showman and dancer

I am autonomous

Once programmed, nothing stops Nao ©

event-entertainment | Robot Nao©

I listen and I talk

Nao © listens and talks to y

I pull in people

Nao © invites guests to your stand

I can see

Nao © distinguishes and identifies people speaking to him

Create an event with Robot NAO© | Robotics Robot Nao©


Seeing and hearing your visitors allows Robot Tik to create the event while you participate in professional events. This allows him to highlight your products or commercial brochures on his tray. In addition, his integrated functionality allows him to adapt to the space in hand, in front of your stand.


Robot Nao © is also ready and eager for a photo shoot with your guests. He will invite them jokingly to join him to take a photo together to give them a memorable and original memory of the event.
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Nao © will be dressed in the colours of your event or brand. With furniture that can be customised in your colours and a custom sound system, Puremotion offers solutions designed specifically for Robot Nao © to ensure an efficient resource.

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