Robot Pepper ©, the world's first intelligent interactive robot
that recognizes faces and emotions

Pepper ©, a very versatile and very human humanoid robot

Similar to humans, Pepper © is a humanoid robot specifically designed to interact and engage with audiences as fluidly, naturally and instinctively as possible.

Indeed, it is the first in the world capable of identifying faces and recognizing the main human emotions. You can also interact with him via the tablet embedded in his chest.

Pepper© is therefore an interactive and social robot perfectly adapted to ensure the role of welcoming robot, host of evenings and events or even guide. His communication, both verbal and gestural, but also tactile, allows him to interact with all profiles of people of all ages. In addition to his quality as a speaker, his touch screen allows him to display many messages, thus assisting his speech.

Its 1m20 make it very accessible to communicate with children, but also adults. The latter are forced to approach and lean to interact properly with him. An almost physical interaction that marks the spirits longer than a “simple” oral exchange.

Pepper © is a real asset during your events. It captures the attention of your guests and arouses their curiosity through a selfie or a real discussion. On a trade show, a stand or even a congress, this robot will not stop surprising you.

Specifications of Robot Pepper ©

I am independent

Once programmed, nothing stops Pepper ©. He is able to move and transcribe emotions independently.

I speak 15 languages

Its voice recognition system allows it to communicate with your guests, regardless of their origins.

Robotics | Robot Pepper©

I adapt

Pepper © is fully customizable and interactive. Its artificial intelligence allows it to adapt its speech and gestures to your environment and your audience.

I see

It is able to identify your faces thanks to its advanced perception module.

A state-of-the-art intelligent interactive robot serving
turnkey entertainment for your events

Robotics | Pepper© innovative robot

Technical prowess

Pepper © is an extremely versatile robot, representing state-of-the-art, next-generation technological innovation!

Specially designed to interact and communicate with your guests and animate your events, it is made up of numerous touch sensors, LEDs and microphones.

Its many motorized joints allow it to reproduce movements of the head, arms and trunk as realistic and human as possible. So many elements that give more impact to its communication, by including a gestural component. Pepper © is still a good dancer.

Offer your guests a privileged moment of sharing and discovery with state-of-the-art technological innovation.

Robotics | Pepper© humanoid robot

The turnkey event animation of tomorrow

Pepper © can become your new prestige ambassador for an event.

Its size and its functionalities allow it to be deployed during a trade show, an exhibition or a stand, whether in a dedicated hangar or in the middle of a shopping mall.

Customizable and programmable, it can carry the identity of your brand through the display of your logo on its touch pad while limiting its movements and comings and goings in a given space. Its role as a representative can result in the distribution of flyers or direct communication.

Il peut aussi vous aider à appuyer le lancement d’un produit, d’une marque. But he is also quite capable, via his touch pad, of offering one of the most precious sesames of customer service: satisfaction questionnaires!

More than an ambassador, Pepper © turns out to be a real sales and marketing assistant! So seize the opportunity to seduce your guests. In addition to entertaining them, it can communicate your message.

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