Digital magic: close up, living room, stage

Digital magic: close up, living room, stage

Digital magic is the modern version of the traditional close-up magic show, close-up meaning proximity magic, i.e. standing a few inches away from the participants’ eyes. By using modern technology such as digital tablets for example, digital magic surprises and amazes even more spectators not expecting to see such a show!

The idea is to mix traditional magic with digital elements to offer modern, innovative and breathtaking magic tricks! This type of entertainment attracts great numbers and is always a success!

Digital magic can be performed in several different formats:

The possibilities are literally endless: magic is only limited by our imagination which is always overflowing!
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Digital magic is an interplay of technology at your event

Particularly suited to events such as trade shows, dinners, presentations with breaks, digital magic will capture the attention of your guests.

How do we make it special: with 15 years of experience in event entertainment, we customise our performance at your event to convey your messages or promote your logo and your products, in a unique and personalised way. Our knowledge of digital and smart technology and robotics allows us to provide an event performance that is a confluence of all this technology. Modern entertainment never seen before which is fully loaded with your messages and products.

Our team will design performances and scripts for your events allowing you to put on remarkable events both in France and around the world.
It is also possible to include your logos, advertising messages in the different magic tricks or to use your graphic charter to customise them.

Digital magic or digital entertainment: entertainment popular with everyone!

During a trade show, for example, our magician will stand next to you while performing innovative, amazing and intriguing tricks. This always has the effect of attracting visitors to your stand without them even realising it. Very effective!

During your conferences, seminars, or corporate dinners, the digital magician can move from table to table during breaks or between dishes to entertain your guests. This type of entertainment is always hugely successful as it is interactive and creates a friendly atmosphere!

Depending on the number of participants at your event, we can provide you with several magicians, all with several years of event experience.

There are so many options to choose from when you are using digital magic and modern entertainment. Contact us so that we can find the perfect formula that will make your event an unforgettable experience for your participants! We promise to bring a smile to all the faces of your invitees. Cross our hearts!

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