Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR: involving immersion and interactivity

Virtual reality allows you to experience extraordinary experiences in universes created from scratch, while allowing you to act in this universe. Immersion and interactivity are the two key words of virtual reality, also called VR.

The virtual reality station (or VR) has a mask containing a screen that the participant places over his eyes This mask gives you 360° access to realistic virtual universes. Thanks to sensors in the mask, any movement of the head is immediately reproduced in the virtual reality.

This technology causes an immersion effect in a visualised scene.

In addition to these movements, the participant also has two controllers, one in each hand, allowing him to feel around areas or grip objects with which he interacts.

You can experience unique and new scenes: become a Star Wars character, fly over New York, become a famous football team’s goalie, walk on Mars, visit the solar system, anything is possible! Really impress your participants with this innovative virtual reality discovery workshop.

Eagerly anticipated in the world of video games, the use of virtual reality can also be applied in a cultural context by allowing people, for example, to visit a museum in VR, the cultural visit taking place from the comfort of their home! In short, there are so many application options for this new technology. Do not wait any longer to communicate otherwise!

What virtual reality entertainment do you want to use ?

To create a modern, amazing and original event, we suggest that you invite your guests to experience virtual reality through a VR discovery workshop. Depending on your event and your objectives, several VR stations can be installed to suit the number of your participants.

These workshops will allow them to have unique experiences such as riding a carousel with all the associated sensations: guaranteed effect!

Another way of approaching virtual reality is to use it as a tool to help counter certain phobias such as vertigo: being confronted in VR with a vertiginous situation allows a person to feel at ease with the height. As a result, VR offers people a way to perceive reality differently.

We can also create and design your own worlds and scenarios to meet your expectations: you may have real estate to sell. But it hasn’t been built yet. You must however show it to partners and future buyers? With virtual reality, this is now possible. This is just one of many examples: scenography, office furniture, museums, shops, showrooms, industries, etc. The limits of VR are endless.

Our team of specialists will also be able to answer all your guests’ questions regarding the technology, which is still not very widespread. This will allow you to offer a fun, interactive and rewarding event for a great number of participants.

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas and we will work together to see if they are feasible.

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