Operating drones

Operating drones

Equipped with high technology, drones are unmanned aircraft without a human on board, which have become a new trend over the last few months.

They allow you to take aerial photographs or videos.

This type of entertainment at the forefront of innovation will make your event special and attract many curious people.

In addition, we suggest operating the best drones to offer great quality entertainment and for the enjoyment of the various participants!

What types of drones do you select?

Our aerial drones :

Innovation | Drone volant

Give your guests the opportunity to participate in a fun and unusual activity by letting them operate a drone themselves.

Our drones, equipped with a camera, will allow the participants to discover beautiful landscapes at the same time.

This innovation can be adapted for inside or outside use.

You can make this activity even more attractive by getting your guests to compete with each other by separating them into groups.

Several competition styles are available :

  • A timed race (race against time)
  • Race between two drones

Our terrestrial drones :

Innovation | Drone terrestre

Give the controls to your participants, let them learn how to operate terrestrial drones.

These machines are able to move at full speed, jump up to 75cm high and light up the track with lights.

You can set up teams so that they can compete against each other in three different types of races:

  • A speed race made up of bends, straight lines and small obstacles.
  • A precision race with obstacles which involves jumping across different obstacles without falling.
  • A night race where our drones will shine a white light to guide them. The obstacles of the course will be bright, with an option of selecting the colours of the circuit.

These drone operating activities can be customised in the colours of your company, especially with regard to the obstacles set up on the race track.

What type of entertainment can we offer you ?

If you are organising an outdoor or indoor event, in a sufficiently large and open place, you can select our drone operating entertainment.

There are several entertainment options on offer:

  • Flying demonstrations by our teams,
  • A drone operating workshop where your guests can learn how to use these high-tech devices with the help of our specialists,
  • A race track drawn and prepared by our teams using inflatable balloons, for example. This would allow total immersion in the world of drones and could create a moment of relaxation in the middle of a working seminar, for example.

All these entertainment activities have been put together to create surprise during your corporate or advertising events, or when launching a new product.

Do not hesitate to contact us and get information about using drones at your next event.

You can contact our teams now or go meet with them to discuss your projects. Together you can find a solution that will be the highlight of your event and be remembered by your participants.

Operating drones: an activity involving cutting-edge technology!

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