Origami is a very old art form from Japan which consists of folding paper in a certain way in order to create an object in 3D.

Different types of papers can be used to obtain unique results every time. There are great origami experts who create beautiful things with this folding technique: the options are almost endless!

One of the best-known origami techniques is the crane, which is a very important animal in Japan. Legend has it that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will see his wish come true!

So how is origami used at an event ?

If you want to organise a calm event, in a relaxed and Zen atmosphere, origami is what you need.
We can actually offer you two types of origami entertainment:

  • the first option is to have one or more artists at your event who can create origami models in front of your guests and then give them the objects they have created. This allows you to capture the attention of your audience during a break in a conference or between courses during a corporate meal, for example.
  • the second option is to create a space dedicated to origami at your event location and to allow your guests to learn this magnificent art under the guidance of a professional. The second option is more fun than the first one and will also occupy the children of your visitors, while the parents enjoy your event, for example.

This amazing and interesting entertainment form always has a great impact and appeals to a large number of people. Do not hesitate to offer it to your guests at your next events: they will be delighted!

For more information, contact our teams who will respond quickly to any questions you may have!

Origami for a spectacular corporate event!

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