Digital caricature

Digital caricature

A caricature is, traditionally, a likeness that captures a person’s physical traits (nose size, eyes, haircut, etc.) and simultaneously exaggerates them for humorous effect.

A digital caricature is based on the same principle, but is no longer on a sheet of paper, but is created on a digital medium (touch pad or Smartphone, for example).

This type of entertainment creates a friendly atmosphere and allows you to interact with your different guests..

At what type of event could you use digital caricature?

This type of entertainment is perfectly suited to events such as corporate meals, seminars, product presentations, conferences. t is great during breaks in presentations or between meal courses. One of our caricaturists can walk around the room and look for volunteers willing to be drawn!

This type of entertainment is also suited for other events, such as a trade fair, a public event, etc. In these cases it is best to create a space dedicated to digital caricature.

It is also possible to add the following:

  • a live broadcast of the caricaturist’s work, so that everyone can see how the caricatured face appears little by little,
  • an option to send the person who posed for the caricaturist a copy of the caricature by email after the event (thus allowing you to expand your list of prospects! ),
  • a print-out of the caricatures so that you can give them to people being drawn.

Many other ideas can be adapted to be included with this original type of entertainment that brings people together. Be sure to share your ideas with our teams so that they can design a solution that best meets your requirements.

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