3d figurines

3D Figures: Turn your guests into 3D goodies!

Ask you guests to scan their face which will only take a few seconds.

Our built-in 3D reconstruction software allows you to build a three-dimensional model of your guests. Together your guests can then admire their effigies, making the event both intriguing, technological and original.

We then offer your guests the opportunity to select a model from our range of 300 prefabricated ones and then to use their creativity to customise it. Customers can select the hair(style) and clothes that they want their effigy to wear.

Each invitee will then leave the event with a photo of their avatar and will receive their 3D figure a few days later in the mail.

This entertainment provides the perfect opportunity to bond with your guests, put them in a good mood and when they leave, they will feel like rock stars!

These customised goodies allow a special bond to form between your guests and your company.

This animation adapts to all types of events such as: a plenary session, company anniversary, product launch, reception, etc.

Customised entertainment using 3D printing!

This original entertainment is completely customisable.

Puremotion suggests you put your company branding, your logo, your brand colours, the date of the event on the scanner and the application interface.

There are 300 figures to choose from but we are also happy to design new effigies specific to your event.

A personalised video of the avatar of each participant will be sent to them by email and will certainly be shared on social networks. You can use these videos to create a special atmosphere (sport, cocooning, etc.) and customise the background of the video.

If you want to ensure that your event is memorable and successful, do not hesitate to contact our teams to share your ideas and to work with them to find a fully customised solution based on your needs!

3D figures: customised entertainment!

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