Illuminated bracelets

Customisable illuminated bracelets

Our illuminated bracelets equipped with LED lights will energize your event for sure!

Dazzle your participants with this remote-controlled illuminated bracelet technology.

For an even more surprising effect, distribute a one-size-fits-all bracelet per participant, and turn on this gadget at a specific moment of the event when no one will expect it!

This illuminated bracelet can be customised based on the event in question. Puremotion offers you the option of adding your logo, motto, date, etc. to each of the bracelets.

These bracelets diffuse 15 intense colors in a fixed way, flash at several variable speeds and are remotely controlled to change color. We can ensure that the bracelets do not all transmit the same color at the same time.

These high quality bracelets that operate independently are able to run for the entire duration of your event.

Why choose our illuminated bracelets?

This innovation can be adapted to all types of events such as meetings, company anniversaries, product launches, receptions, festivals, etc.

You could also use these bracelets for team building events, using the different coloured bracelets to split the group up into teams.

This accessory, revolutionary and innovative, will become the highlight of your event and will undoubtedly be shared via social networks by the participants.

Simple to use, light and comfortable, our illuminated bracelets with numerous LED colours, will be the detail that creates that special unexpected and original moment, which will stay in the minds of your participants for a long while.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams to discuss your future events with them and find a completely customised solution to suit your needs. We would enjoy making your event original, fun, modern, technical and above all unique!

Illuminated bracelets: a stunning innovation!

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