Light painting

Light painting: it's in the box!

Light painting is an innovative technique of moving a light source while taking a photograph that is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

This process involves using a longer exposure time than normal, in a dark environment (black box) by moving a light source or moving the camera.

The resulting photograph then shows the light traces created during the taking of the picture.

These photos always produce unique and surprising results.

A great souvenir for your event participants to take home.

It is also a modern way of presenting your logo, name or your products.

This original animation will allow you to offer a unique souvenir to your guests and will also create a friendly atmosphere!

So what shape does the entertainment take when you use this digital technique?

The most original and user-friendly way to use this type of entertainment, is to invite your guests to enter a black booth and to use lights to create their own light painting.
How to use the lights to create their painting will be quickly explained to them by an event organiser from our team in charge of managing this part of the entertainment. Nothing too complicated about it so this type of entertainment is available to almost any type of guest.

Your guest will enter then enter the black box and use the light sources provided by our organiser to create the unique scenery of his photo. They will thus create an original and artistic piece of work.

At your request, our organiser can also include a logo or luminous message previously created to the computer.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams in Paris, Orleans or Lyon for more information. We will be delighted to work on light painting entertainment for your next event!

Light painting illuminates your event,
so do not wait, reserve now!

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