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Turnkey event animation…
innovation at the service of emotion!

Open your eyes. You're not dreaming! Innovative event entertainment
for unique moments

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Small companies, large companies, associations, federations or institutions, organizes events for all types of companies.

Puremotion: innovative event animation
to mark the occasion

who are we ?

Puremotion has specialized in event animation for 15 years, at your service.

We offer modern and high quality services, centered above all on the human being as evidenced by our many prestigious references.

what are our strengths of proposal?

Modern and visually stunning event animations, but also state-of-the-art technological innovations, as well as a fleet of intelligent and interactive robots… and finally, our taste for things well done.

why consult us ?

Of course, the purpose of event entertainment is to make a positive and lasting impression.

This positive emotional charge is projected back onto the lived experience… but also its organizers!

  • If you are a business, your branding will reach new heights.
  • If you are an individual, your sympathy capital will be definitely assured.

Of course, that’s the goal.

But because we are human-centered, we do everything we can to ensure that your guests experience these episodes of their lives as magical and unforgettable moments…forever!

More specifically, we
offer you both:

  • Rental of event equipment, adapted to both your needs and your audience.
  • Artistic performances on stage or in close-up, to amaze your audience.

We operate throughout mainland France, but also internationally in neighboring countries.

Event entertainment at your service

Our services are numerous, diversified and highly customizable. This, for an event animation at your service... and therefore, at the service of your guests!

Our event animations apply to all audiences and for all festive and remarkable occasions.

Company animation for corporate events:

conference and seminar | congresses and conventions | training | study day | teambuilding...

Company animation for public events:

exhibitions | trade fairs | road show and street marketing | product launch and kick off | shopping mall...

Animation for private events

birthdays | wedding | cocktail | garden party | bachelorette party...

Animation for associations

open days | association festivals | artistic exhibitions | sports competition...

Animation for artistic shows

exhibitions | concerts | festivals...

Contact us directly for a personalized solution or consult our section dedicated to animations

Creation and technological innovation at the service of events

With Puremotion, put the latest technological innovations at the service of events!

Depending on your needs, your audience and your budget, we will offer you the optimal equipment and services to transform your event into a unique and magical moment.

Enhance your audiences with the latest technologies.

Bring out their purest emotions of surprise, joy and fascination… and through the miracles of affective memory, you will leave your mark on their hearts and minds. For life.

Which will not fail to be shared on a large scale, on social networks.

For this, we provide you with the rental of state-of-the-art party equipment, as well as the best event entertainers at your service.

Giant Lego construction

Modular construction bricks allowing you to build a Lego XXL structure.
Convenient for quickly building a solid, striking exhibition stand or for having fun at a party with friends.

Luminous wristband

To mark the occasion during a concert, or to serve as a memento between the different members of a tourist trip

Drone pilot training

For successful team building or an unforgettable birthday.

Contact us directly for an optimal solution or consult our section dedicated to innovations

Your event animation by an intelligent and interactive robot

At Puremotion, we have a whole fleet of intelligent humanoid robots to assist you in the animation of your professional or private events.

Robot Tik, the waiter robot

Simple but effective.

Robot Tik | Conveys your image

Tik is the easiest robot to set up. Its functionalities allow it to move independently, avoiding obstacles and while distributing your company’s flyers or the vitamin cocktail you have ordered.

Robot Pepper

Its very presence intrigues and marks the spirits.

Robotics | Pepper© humanoid robot

More sophisticated than Tik, Pepper – the humanoid robot – is able to interact directly with the public, hold a simple conversation and recognize the emotions of its interlocutor.
A real asset during your events.

Robot Nao©

Play the innovation card! | Robot Nao©

Nao © is the most sophisticated of the robot park. He is even more expressive, more talkative and more teasing than Pepper. At least welcome skills to assist you directly in the co-hosting of your events such as conventions, seminars and congresses. This will not fail to attract the curious and considerably increase the attendance of your event or your stand.
He can also present your new products, your new brand… but also immortalize your event with selfies and group photos with your guests.

Your turnkey event animation with Puremotion

If you are interested in our animation – innovation solutions, or if you want to position yourself even further…

So do not hesitate to contact the members of the Puremotion team: they will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in setting up your project.

This support is provided at all stages, from the assessment of your needs, your objectives, your audience and your budget, to transport, assembly and dismantling, to the start-up and the very animation of your event.

We will help you define your project by identifying your desires and your needs and we will offer you the best solution to animate the event you are organizing in an innovative way.

We can offer you a turnkey event animation, either via ready-made solutions, or by fully customizing the animations and other interventions so that they perfectly meet your needs and your audience.

We are happy to provide you with a quote at any time for free and to answer any questions you may have.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals directly via our contact form or by phone.