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At, we specialise in digital and robotic entertainment and we have a wide range of solutions for all your events and stands which are the most effective available.

We constantly strive to offer you the latest trends in modern, high-tech and original entertainment that will surprise your guests and allow you to stand out.

Our team of specialists in robotics and digital entertainment will be eager to offer you even more incredible entertainment thanks to our robots who are equipped with the latest technology and who undoubtedly will amaze your guests.

Robot Nao©

Robot Tik

Robot Pepper©

Are you hesitating between Nao©, Tik and Pepper©?
Our team will be able to guide you...

Regardless of the desired effect, we have the right robot solution for your needs: a robot to welcome your guests, a robot to co-host your event, a robot that provides interactive demonstrations to your guests, a robot handing out cocktails, etc.

Together we will find the best entertainment that will allow you to shine during your various events based on your needs and your budget!

Our asset?

Our bilingual operational team has had many years of experience running robotic events in France and abroad. We offer our services not only in France but all over the world and are able to attract the most diverse audiences. Each time, we are able to win the audience over! This is largely due to our 15 years of event entertainment experience.

Combining this experience with robotics is our leitmotif on a daily basis. Try us out!

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can work together on your specific needs and wishes and offer you the robot that will amaze your guests or allow you to stand out from your competitors (during a trade show for example).

Our teams are available for any robotic entertainment requests both in France and abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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