Inflatable Dome

Inflatable dome

These structures are inflatable and kept on the ground with counterweights filled with water. These domes are not only original but very practical too. They can easily host your various events whether it’s a product launch, a fashion show, a seminar, etc.

They are sure to give you very high visibility and thus attract the attention of passers-by and your guests: it is an ideal advertising medium and a little out of the ordinary. They allow you to stand out from your competitors.

The sizes of some of the structures allow you to accommodate many people. However it is also possible to create a unique setting by connecting smaller domes which together form an original structure, allowing different activities to take place in the smaller domes: workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.

Why choose our inflatable domes?

The inflatable domes can be quickly and easily installed (about 30 minutes). That is why they are the perfect solution when you are organising a last minute event or in the event of unforeseen changes.

With their round form they are easier to heat than a square room. They can therefore be used in all seasons.

With different sizes and surfaces available, they can be adapted to your needs. Fully customisable, we can easily adapt them to display your colours or your logo, or simply project an image on them.

These inflatable domes are very original and allow you to make a statement during your events.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialist teams and find out more about inflatable domes. We will study your requirements and offer you the best solution available. Our teams will then support you every step of the way: transport, assembly, disassembly, etc.

An inflatable dome is ideal for your corporate evening event, so book one today before it is too late !

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