Customizable game terminals

Customizable game terminals

Make your event a retro and fun place with our customisable arcade game units.

Our units, available in different sizes, will allow your guests to spend a fun and interactive time together.

Thanks to our technology and our know-how, our game units have more than 80,000 games, enough to take a trip down memory lane!

Alone or as a duo, bring the characters from your youth back to life: Mario Bros, Pacman, Donkey Kong, etc. This form of entertainment will undoubtedly appeal to retro game lovers but also those wanting to try something they have heard so much about!

In addition to being original, our units have been designed so that your parties are fun. A lot of thought went into the placement of the buttons and joysticks! Standing or sitting on a bar stool, enjoy comfortable play time whatever your size.

With this simple but effective solution, you can give your guests a unique and evolving game experience!

Our arcade game units are fully customisable!

You can choose the design of the units.

Puremotion offers you the option to customise the entire unit of the models you select. You can place your logo, your images and also your colours on our game units to give you a more corporate decoration!

This customisation allows you to imprint your brand image on the minds of your guests during the event! We can adapt everything to your needs and theme!

To make your event organising easier, we will deliver our game units in ready to play state.

Our team can provide advice and ensure your event is a memorable one!
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Together we will come up with a unique solution that is perfect for you!

A memorable gaming experience!

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