3D scanning of spaces

3D scanning of spaces
Bring your spaces to life with 3D scanning!

3D digitization of spaces is the process aimed at recreating, as faithfully as possible, an object, a scene, a building, a district, a city, or any other subject rooted in reality in 3D.

We use the technique of photogrammetry to take measurements of a scene, using the perspective obtained between images acquired from different points of view.

This involves modeling the geometry of the images and their acquisition in order to reconstitute an exact copy of reality in 3D. The final result is then in the form of a point cloud or a mesh with a texture.

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Innovative and creative technology at your service

3D scanning is the ideal innovation to bring your objects, offices, showrooms, etc. to life. create a surprise effect for your guests!

3D technology can be used during your events such as: product launches, conventions, seminars, company anniversaries, fairs, exhibitions, etc. for permanent or temporary communication.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams to share your ideas and to work together to organise your next event.

3D scanning, an innovative technology at your service. Don't wait for it to be booked!

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